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Jan 28, 2016

Umsinga Goat Expo 30th January 2016

The purpose of the event is to encourage and introduce the community to new business ventures, showcase their goat breeds and an introduction to the goat market. The event aims at re-introducing goat meat to the community by providing initiatives to encourage the community to partake in activities which will provide locals with an understanding into the goat market. As well as encourage locals to learn more about how to make their goats more productive in order to commercialize their herds. A cooking competition shall be held on the day whereby co-ops will have to cook a balanced meal using goat meat.

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Oct 16, 2015

World Food Day 2015: Social Protection and Agriculture

The encouragement by Heifer staff for communities to create group savings accounts also increases the community’s social protection through their ability to withstand social, economic and environmental shocks. Group savings create a reserve of funds available to the community to use in any emergency whether to replace livestock after a disease outbreak or to expand their agricultural enterprises encouraging growth and increased household income. Therefore, celebrate this World Food Day on October 16th by assisting Heifer in providing South African communities with the long term social protection to withstand any future shocks - effectively creating a resilient rural society.

Oct 13, 2015

Angelo Wiki Page is Give and Gain Top 10 Activists of the week !

A big shout out to @angelowpage, 1 of our #Top10 activists of the week, for @HeiferSA! givengain.com/activist/11947 Angelo Wilkie-Page is attempting to be the first person to circumnavigate the world, twice, on human power. (no engines, no sails.) Firstly East to West and then again North to South all in aid to support Heifer International South Africa's mission to end hunger and poverty in South Africa. His determination and heroic attempt to raise funds in aid of ending poverty in South Africa is phenomenal.


Mar 17, 2015

Volunteer Kelly Smith shares her experience

I volunteered with Heifer South Africa for 3 months with the Resource Development team. I have always had an interest in working with non-profit organisations and found working with Heifer South Africa to be an enriching experience. It broadens one's knowledge of how non-profit organisations work and finding out what the intrinsic and most essential needs are in operating the behind the scenes of such an organisation. I find that understanding parts of a whole is of the utmost importance to making anything grow successfully and sustainably and therefore, this experience has provided that sneak preview into understanding how such an established organisation operates. As a child in primary school, I had participated in the Read to Feed programme and still remember the enjoyment it gave me and how it opened my eyes towards helping others in need. So, to be able to volunteer for the same organisation, but to be on the other end has been a rather rewarding experience. I had limited time to devote but I soon realised that any help in such an organisation is positive help. Thank you for the opportunity Heifer South Africa and thank you to the resource development team for being so welcoming and helpful

Feb 10, 2015

Let’s make a change together – Join the Read to Feed Programme

How can reading books change lives in rural communities? Ask the students at Crawford Preparatory La Lucia or Clarendon Primary in the Eastern Cape. They, along with seven other schools, participated in Heifer International South Africa’s Read to Feed programme last year. For every book a child reads in the Read to Feed programme they raise money, through family and friends sponsoring them, for supporting Heifer’s mission in South Africa to defeat hunger and poverty. Not only does this programme help provide training and animals to needy communities, the programme also improves the student’s reading and comprehension skills and increases their awareness of critical issues affecting South Africa and globally.


Jan 12, 2015

Read to Feed - Superheroes Sherize Liebenberg

Sherize Liebenberg, a learner at Crawford Preparatory School in La Lucia (KZN) has always participated actively in the Read to Feed Programme. Her passion for the programme and determination to help end hunger and poverty is an incredible affirmation of Heifer’s belief that young people have the power to change the world.

Nov 11, 2014

Super Smarties : Dhiya Pillay raised over R1000 by reading her favourite stories to her dad’s collea

Dhiya Pillay is in Grade 2 at Crawford Preparatory School in La Lucia KZN. Dhiya is truely a passionate trouper. She raised funds for the Read to Feed Programme by Reading to employees at her dads factory.


Oct 2, 2014

Read to Feed Super Heroes changing the world their way! Super Smarties

Read to Feed Super Heroes changing the world their way! Super Smarties. For the next few weeks the Read to Feed Programme shall be honoring our 2014 super heroes by sharing their initiatives, incentives and zeal to help end hunger and poverty in South Africa. Our weeks start off with Crawford La Lucia Preparatory School’s Super Smarties. Students who dared to dream up innovative, exciting and heartwarming ways to raise funds for the Read to Feed Programme.