#Expedition 720⁰ Updates

Oct 13, 2015

Angelo Wiki Page is Give and Gain Top 10 Activists of the week !

Angelo Wilkie-Page is attempting to be the first person to circumnavigate the world, twice, on human power. (no engines, no sails.) Firstly East to West and then again North to South all in aid to support Heifer International South Africa's mission to end hunger and poverty in South Africa. His determination and heroic attempt to raise funds in aid of ending poverty in South Africa is phenomenal. 

He has already successfully completed his first leg of cycling from Los Angeles to Fairbanks, Alaska – a distance of 6500 km in which he was exposed to the extreme opposites of the climate. A warm start on the west coast to minus 45 degrees cycling through the Rocky Mountains.

In Fairbanks, he changed mode of transport to a custom built kayak and paddled down the Yukon River towards the Bering Sea.

Winter was coming in too fast and Angelo had to make a quick decision. In Kaltag, he flew his kayak ahead to Unalakleet, an Alaskan town on the Bering Sea and he became the first person to solo walk successfully from Kaltag to Unalakleet through the mountain range in summer.

In summer, this area is a marshland and as Angelo found out, very slow to portage. A big worry was bears and Angelo was charged once. Discharging his firearm in the air, he stopped the bear charge.

150 km and almost 10 days later (with no communication to the outside world), Angelo arrived safely (but exhausted) in Unalakleet.

Here he launched his kayak and proceeded to paddle on the Bering Sea, staying close to the coastline with Nome as his destination. The weather decided to make this difficult for Angelo with temperatures dropping to minus 10 degrees on some days and head winds in excess of 100km/h.

Sunday morning (11 October 2015) – “I made it into Nome today, walked in the last 20miles as it was snowing and high winds East of Cape Nome this morning. This has been a tough segment from Fairbanks and a great test for what is to come. Feeling strong!”

(Angelo has to date completed in excess of 2000 km on his kayak)

Angelo’s next obstacle is to overcome the red tape and bureaucracy to enter Russia from the Bering Sea with his kayak. He will then continue kayaking around the Russian coastline till the town of Magadan where he will be re-united with his bicycle and cycle through Siberia, Asia, Middle East and Africa ending leg 2 in Cape Town.

(Leg 2 will be in the region of 35 000km)

Leg 3 will see Angelo row from Cape Town to Rio in a purpose built solo rowing boat.

Leg 4 is once again a cycle leg down to Argentina and then back up the west coast to end his first circumference in Los Angeles.

Legs 5 to 8 will be the second circumference – North to South.

Angelo is doing this expedition with the added challenge of raising funds for Heifer International South Africa. Visit his website for more info and to track him live:www.expedition720degrees.com