Blouberg Integrated Food Security and Household Farming Project

Blouberg Integrated Food Security and Household Farming Project was started in October 2013, and it aims to improve the food security and income security of 2100 families in Blouberg Local Municipality, Capricorn District, Limpopo Province, South Africa through capacity building, the development of household vegetable gardens, including fruit trees, and the development of household small livestock farming activities, using chickens, goats, sheep, pigs and bees.

Energy-saving technologies will also be introduced to reduce the amount of time women spend collecting fire-wood. The project will also focus strongly on enterprise development through formalizing local, informal markets, connecting farmers to existing, lucrative formal markets and improved access to market information via mobile phones.

During the first few months of the project, there has been a series of workshops, and trainings in leadership and vegetable production. The project was also visited by a team of PepsiCorps volunteers who facilitated month long workshops on the development of the Farmers Business Association, Community Animal Health Workers and basic beekeeping management.

This project is supported by:

  • The Jobs Fund
  • WesBank Fund
  • The Foundation for Human Rights
  • Spur Foundation


Original Project Families654
Female Project Members436
Male Project Members218
Total number of people benefitting from the project2100