Gqunu & Ngxakolo

The Gqunu and Ngxakolo Community Project started in October 2011 and involve 146 families (original) in two rural villages in OR Tambo District, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, plus 117 Pass-on families. All project members are men and women who do not have access to regular, secure income and food and who are interested in farming. In April 2012, project members were trained and 61 families received 31 chickens each.  Fruit trees and vegetable seedlings were also distributed amongst project members.

 In March 2014, Gqunu held a POG ceremony where 50 goats were passed on to 22 POG families. To date, at Gqunu 28 POG families have benefited from 62 goats that have been passed and 18 POG families have benefited from 217 chickens. At Ngxakolo there are 394 chickens that have been passed on to 43 POG families to date and 7 sheep.  The project also has two mini-nurseries and an animal run for handling of livestock.

This project is supported by:

  • National Development Agency


Original Project Families146
Female Project Members46
Male Project Members100
POG Project Families144
Male POG Project Families28
Female POG Project Families116
Total number of people benefitting from the project1340