#Join the Conversation

I volunteered with Heifer South Africa for 3 months with the Resource Development team. I have always had an interest in working with non-profit organisations and found working with Heifer South Africa to be an enriching experience. It broadens one's knowledge of how non-profit organisations work and finding out what the intrinsic and most essential needs are in operating the behind the scenes of such an organisation. I find that understanding parts of a whole is of the utmost importance to making anything grow successfully and sustainably and therefore, this experience has provided that sneak preview into understanding how such an established organisation operates. As a child in primary school, I had participated in the Read to Feed programme and still remember the enjoyment it gave me and how it opened my eyes towards helping others in need.

So, to be able to volunteer for the same organisation, but to be on the other end has been a rather rewarding experience. I had limited time to devote but I soon realised that any help in such an organisation is positive help. Thank you for the opportunity Heifer South Africa and thank you to the resource development team for being so welcoming and helpful