HPSA’s Approach


Farming is the most core, elemental human role. It has been the foundation of thriving civilizations and societies. We believe it is no different today. That's why HPSA works with communities and small-scale farmers, many of them women. We see our future in them. We know that with the right tools, training and livestock, small farms in impoverished nations can be transformed. We believe small farms are key to feeding the entire world. 


Small sparks create big fires. Together we are the catalyst to help others help themselves. Our power lies in the belief that every person is in charge of his or her future. We are all change makers. In the broadest sense, HPSA believes that hard work will bring about a better tomorrow and solutions for poverty. And that it will take all of us collectively to create sustainable change.

For each livestock gift, families agree to pass on the offspring of that animal to another person in need. In some places, 22 generations of HPSA animals can be traced. On average, gifting lasts for at least nine generations, no matter the project.

The evolution from gratitude to generosity is a powerful transformation. Social growth comes through training for just and sustainable development. Values such as gender equality, full participation, sharing and caring, improving the environment, accountability and training and education, are the backbone of our work.


HPSA envisions a bold future as a world hunger charity, one in which more lives are transformed in a sustainable way. Our vision is a world where communities live together in peace and equitably sharing the resources of a healthy planet.