#Expedition 720⁰ Updates

Expedition 720 degrees sponsor pledges to raise 10 000USD within 75 days towards Angelo Pages (Team Heifer's Ambassador)  goal of raising 1 million dollars in the next 8 years.

At present Angelo will be commencing his journey towards Russia, in showing their support and encouragment Charles Chiara and many of Angelo's supporters have donated towards ending hunger and poverty in South Africa.

You too can make a difference! Assist Charles in reaching his goal!

From the team at Heifer International South Africa we would like to thank Charles Chiara and Expedition 720 supporters for their dedication and passion towards ending hunger and poverty in South Africa.Angelo is on his way to Russia.The countdown has begun, show your support and help Angelo reach his goal. 

Project: "To Russia with Love - Expedition 720 and Heifer South Africa"

Goal: Raise 10,000 USD in 75 days, by 2015-12-31 00:00:00

"This initiative is to raise awareness and money for Heifer International South Africa, a global organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty in the most desperate places on earth. Through the Expedition 720 initiative, a human powered circumnavigation of the world by South African adventurer Angelo Wilke-Page, Heifer International South Africa hopes to build a new community of support for those most in need, from the farthest reaches of the planet. Angelo is a wonderful young man, full of enthusiasm and adventure. And he wants to make a difference in his community, as well. So in the truest senses, he is thinking globally, and acting locally. We are excited to be a sponsor. But as one of the sponsor of Expedition 720, it is our responsibility to help meet the expeditions goal of raising $1 Million USD for Heifer SA over 8 years. Please join us on this great adventure. Angelo is filming his journey and we are sending local filmmakers to meet him at major stops along the way''.(Charles Chiara)

You can view episodes on the Expedition 720 Facebook page at www.facebook.com/expedition720 and on Youtube. Charlie Chiara Executive Producer"

Follow this link to see the Activist project "To Russia with Love - Expedition 720 and Heifer South Africa":http://www.givengain.com/activist/131462/projects/11677

Or follow this one to see your Cause campaign "Expedition 720 ":http://www.givengain.com/cause/897/projects/14779