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Heifer International South Africa (Heifer) is transforming communities, achieving sustainable community development, and improving the livelihoods of thousands of families and caring for the earth through extensive training, crop production and the provision of livestock. Passing on the Gift is the heart of Heifer’s sustainable community development philosophy. Every family who receives an animal signs the contract to pass on one or more of their animal’s offspring to another family in need, along with the training and skills that they have acquired.

“We are thankful to the donors and Heifer for coming and starting the project with us, it has changed our lives and we see the future being brighter after their arrival” Says Mr Dumisani Magidlwana (41) a member of Phuhlisanani project in Mdlankomo village.

Mr Magidlwana is the father of two, Smamkele Magidlwana (9) and Inga Magidlwana (8). Through the trainings provided by Heifer along with the skills acquired, Mr Magidlwana now has a vegetable garden where he plants spinach, cabbage, green peppers, potatoes, and carrots. He said “Heifer has made the difference to my family by ending hunger and by giving my family the opportunity to learn about vegetable production”. Since Mr Magidlwana is unemployed, he uses the monthly income of R320 obtained from selling his vegetables to his community and local super markets to buy household consumables and as a result of that his family is living a healthy life.