#Join the Conversation

By Sameera Banoo

At Heifer, we've learned that young people can be our most powerful spokespeople. It's true! We're proud of the initiative undertaken by Anna and Marie Brammer from Crawford Preparatory College in KZN, to end hunger and poverty, because when we all work together, great things happen.

Anna and Marie are from Germany; all their relatives who could sponsor them could only be reached via Skype. Whenever, there was an opportunity, which was often Opa Klaus, and Oma Gisa and Opa Vato, and Auntie Kerso would get their money's worth, by listening to the two sisters reading.

For more information please visit our website www.heifer.org.za.

Children can make a difference as they participate in the Read to Feed Programme!

With your help, children across South Africa will have the opportunity to take a journey around the world as they read stories from various countries and cultures. As they read, they will be helping children and families in South Africa lift themselves out from the grip of hunger and poverty.