Resources and Initiatives

Welcome to our Resources and Initiatives Centre!

Here you will find handy downloads to your right and interesting Read to Feed information below. 

Want to do more? Be different!

  • Create a Read to Feed Club- Children participate in the programme by donating a once off membership fee.
  • Have an animal day or farm day e.g. cow, sheep or chickens. Children get to wear casual clothes or gum boots and contribute a donation to Read to Feed.
  • Get the children to grow seedlings in classrooms or at home, and then sell to staff and parents by holding a big market day.
  • Host a charity event or a concert.
  • Host a cinema charity screening.
  • Host a sports tournament e.g. soccer, rugby or swimming gala - each one can represent a HPSA project or animal of their choice. Children can pay to take part, or team could get sponsored for the number of goals or points that they score.
  • Have a relay race with a difference! Take some buckets, fill them with water and get the pupils to balance them on their heads. You can run it as a race, with the fastest or driest as the winner. Or sponsor children to carry the buckets for a certain distance like many African children have to. This allows children to experience what children in rural parts of South Africa experience.
  • Raise money to pay for chickens by having a Rooster Crowing Day – a great competition where the loudest crowing entrant wins. Entry fees R5, contributions will go towards assisting HPSA help end hunger and poverty in rural communities.
  • Have a Dance-a-thon to African music! Get pupils to dance in pairs for half an hour and then hand over to the next pair. Keeps this going for a whole day in your sports hall as a sponsored event, raising money so that you will make African families want to dance for joy too!
  • Hold a Read-a-thorn.
  • Hold a super hero challenge, where students use their innovation to raise funds for the programme and the best innovation is given the recognition of the super hero of the year.
  • Host a Parent and Child activity day.

*To help the greatest number of families move toward self-reliance, HPSA does not use its limited resources to track individual animals from donation to specific families. Instead, your gift supports the entire HPSA mission.

Things your family can do to make a difference.

  1. Learn together.
  2. Invite everyone you know to participate and have fun whilst making a difference.
  3. Encourage your colleagues to sponsor your child a book. View our superheroes page and see how our superheroes used their entrepreneurial skills to raise funds at their parents working place.
  4. Get actively involved in the Read to Feed Program. Host a pamper day, tea party or create awareness of the work HPSA is involved in by informing other everyone you know. Some great initiatives are hosting a cake sale get together and bake to raise funds for the Read to Feed program. Or take up a challenge to raise funds.
  5. Give Different by donating an animal in honour of someone’s birthday or other special day.
  6. Give HPSA gifts for birthdays, special occasions and holidays on our give and gain- read to feed site.
  7. Volunteer Together.

We love volunteers at HPSA and welcome you to join us to help end hunger and poverty in South Africa.

Thank you for helping your child change the world!