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Oct 31, 2014

Working together to end hunger and poverty in South Africa

The good work of Heifer International South Africa has not gone unnoticed. Sunshine Seedling Services in Park Rynie took notice and joined in our fight against hunger, poverty and caring for the earth. Sunshine Seedlings has been infected by the philanthropic bug of Heifer’s work which has sparked a good working relationship, earmarked to blossom into a long life partnership. Sunshine Seedlings has donated seedlings towards Sukuma Poultry Project. The project originated in KwaNguza village, Port Shepstone. Today the project has expanded to over six villages, assisting over 489 families with sights set on reaching 688. The project began with a modest 172 members who were capacitated on vegetable production, animal husbandry, committee skills, business skills and Heifer Cornerstones amongst others. At the heart of the Cornerstones lies Passing on the Gift, which has created a rippling effect allowing original members to become donors to other families in need.

Sunshine Seedlings has gifted project members with yet another gift of seedlings. The once seedlings now find their way into the dinner plates as safe and nutritious vegetables. The vegetables will go a long way in meeting the 400g World Health Organisation (WHO) and Food Agricultural Organisation (FAO) recommended daily fruit and vegetable intake to prevent chronic diseases and malnutrition.

Heifer International South Africa  would like to express high gratitude to Sunshine Seedling Services management and staff, and may you never tire in helping those in need.          


Nkanyiso Nzimande