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With the mercury having plummeted, the snow-capped mountain tops of Nkandla set the backdrop for a Passing on the Gift (POG) ceremony like no other. The residents of KwaNqundu village, in Nkandla, braved the chilling rains and came out in their numbers to bear witness to this auspicious occasion marked by ululation song and dance. It was but over seven decades ago in middle of a devastating Spanish civil war that the principle of, “a cow and not a cup”, was born out of the philanthropic mind of one Dan West. This simple but powerful concept allows for once impoverished families to become empowered ultimately becoming donors and agents of change. Such an ideology lives on to this day and was vividly personified by the members of Zusiphe Goat Project through their colourful and lively POG ceremony. On the day over 36 donor families passed on a total of 46 does to equally deserving families along with knowledge from trainings and compassion for life entrenched in the values of Heifer and emulated in the work that we do. The ceremony reaffirmed the tireless and whole hearted devotion of the Heifer family in ending hunger, poverty and caring for the earth. The projects Heifer engages in exponentially touch the lives of those we work with bringing about not only tangible results but a positive mind-set ensuring rapid transformation from destitute to self-sustenance to prosperity. As Heifer International South Africa we would like to convey our gratitude to Zusiphe Goat Project members for holding a successful POG ceremony, dignitaries who were in attendance, including, but not limited to Heifer African Country Directors, leadership representatives from Heifer US, kings, chiefs, representatives from the Nkandla Department of Agriculture and the Nkandla village at large, without whom non would be possible.


Nkanyiso Nzimande