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Mrs Patience Qwabe (53) is a woman of stature, as deputy chair of Zusiphe Goat Project’s Steering Committee she is expected to lead by example, and that she has. As a mother of 4 and grandmother to 11 she has set the bar high for her children, grandchildren and her fellow project members. A mother to a child attending university, Delani Zimele Qwabe (21), who requires a lot of money for tuition fees, there is very little left over for food and other commodities. A home garden comes in handy as most of her essential vegetables come from her own backyard. “I will very shortly be harvesting my very own bananas,” she exclaims, which is an added bonus to consuming home grown healthy vegetables and owning her very own goats. Soon she will complete her commitment to Passing on the Gift® (POG) of one more female goat kid.

“There is a lot I’m grateful to Heifer for, over and above all the knowledge we’ve gained.” One of the family’s future dreams, she now sees a reality, is renovating their home, after Zimele completes his tertiary education. The money the family will generate from the sale of surplus goats, after completion of their POG, will go a long way to ensuring their dreams become a reality. 

To find out more about Heifer International South Africa and to support families such as the Qwabe’s, please visit our website at www.heifer.org.za.


Nkanyiso Nzimande